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Stitched Togeter Exhibition

Felting Workshop with Helen Doble
Felting Workshop with Helen Doble

It has been great fun having an exhibition that

hosts both sumptuous textiles and incredibly good woodblockprints.


Diane Hamilton is just 23 and putting out some very good work. Her prints are clean and exciting.

Diane Hamilton - woodblock print

The textiles are exciting & very wearable.

Fairview has hosted two textile workshops during this exhibition and they have seen some encouraging results from all the students.

The first was a felting workshop with Helen Doble – making a felted bag; the second was with Knitter Jude Skeers. he instructed his students in the creation of a “Moebius” A rather glorious woolen wrap with a looped front. All in one piece it was definitely a mathematical  wonder. Certainly on e of the quieter workshops that i have run.


knitters at Fairview ArtSpace

This is the last weekend for this exhibition so make sure you take the time to catch it before the walls are adorned with new works.