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Works by Michaeal Huddleston – Roper River artist


Michael (Garmarroongoo) Huddleston

Birth Place: Sydney
Year of Birth: 1947

Michael is an internationally renowned Aboriginal Artist from the Ngardi language group in the Roper River region of East Arnhem Land.. Michael’s paintings are based on their custodial country and the stories associated with it. They depict in the traditional Raark or crosshatch design, totems and spirits relating to “real life” activities such as hunting, fishing, singing and dancing. These images form the teachings of the ancestors on survival and social infrastructure. The regions wildlife is integral to Arnhem Land myths, lore and art. Crocodiles, dugongs, turtles, birds, lizards, fish, kangaroos, wallabies and snakes are often depicted alongside “Mimi Spirits” celebrating abundance and connection to the land.

 Micheal’s career as an artist and cultural ambassador has taken him to all parts of Australia and overseas. In 2001 he travelled to Switzerland and exhibited alongside Michael Nelson Jagamarra. Michael Nelson is famous for a work that was reproduced as a tile mosaic at the entrance to Parliament House in Canberra, and painting a BMW car on display in a Munich museum. Following his successful showing, he returned to Switzerland in 2002 with well know Sunshine Coast artist and friend, Joanne Currie.

Michael’s passion for his culture, talent as an artist and affable personality shows strongly in his work. His life has been one of learning and teaching. The artwork he shares with the world will continue to inspire and help us cross cultural bridges.

Acrylic paint on canvas

Attended Penrith High School to Year 10.

Solo Exhibitions:
– Gosford art gallery 2007
– Red Dessert Gallery Germany 2000
– Australian Dream Space � Lasuanne 2001
– Spirit Australia Gallery QLD � 2004 � 2005
– Red Dessert Gallery � Eumundi QLD � 2006
– Flinders Gallery Townsville QLD 1996
– Hervey Bay Council Chambers QLD 1997
– Artist in Residence � Katherine High School NT 1997-2001
– Red Desert Gallery � Rotterdam , Netherlands 2000
– Australia�s Northern Territory and Outback Centre NSW 2001

Opening night Friday 25th March 2011

7pm at Fairview ArtSpace

Exhibition runs till 25th April 2011

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