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Geoffrey Payne & Virginia Handmer’s Exhibition “Journeys”

Geoff & Ginny’s show opens this Friday 19th August @ 6.30pm at Fairview ArtSpace




Canapes & wines on the night.

The show is a combination of oils & acrylics on canvas & on paper; ceramics & lino prints.

Geoffrey Payne’s work revolves around the experience of living on Cox’s Creek Road
Rylstone. His views of the road and the bush around his studio track the
seasons, the flora and fauna that surround him.  There is a special
delight in his landscapes that come, according to him, from the pleasure of
looking year after year at the same places and getting completely new views.Over
the years he has also explored his inner life through his alter ego  Mr
Cactus. Mr Cactus tells the viewer about the world the way he sees it. Wistful, to the
point (spiky even) or philosophical; it’s all a reminder about living in life
rather than looking from the outside.

Virginia Handmer’s lino prints give a strong outline to the events in her life; from
whats happening in the garden to finding reason in this madcap life. She loves
the digging into the surface and working with both negative and positive in the
printing process. Handmer finds the 3 dimensional aspect of prints the perfect
way to ‘go into her subject’, be it a physical view or a metaphysical
discussion. Dealing with life requires belief in existence and a willingness to
immerse oneself fearlessly in it. Works exploring love and grief searingly
exposing her inner workings through humour and saying like it is are her way of
finding truth as much as studies of the beauty of flowers in the garden and the
landscape of her home.

In her exhibition at Fairview titled ‘Journeys’,  the motif of the fig tree
reoccur reminding us of the original archetypal garden. The place where all
knowledge and the beginning of remembering began.