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“Family, Friends & Lovers” – Katherine Simms

Lino print by Katherine Simms

‘Family, Friends and Lovers’ is a personal story of memory and observation
and a yearning to understand the dynamics of these complex relationships.

The artist’s work has been described as a ‘whimsical take on life’.

It draws on personal interpretation of memories and experience to convey the complexity of human relationships and interactions: the apparent façade of reality but also the hidden layers beneath.  There are rooms we left behind, objects we touched; silent witnesses and powerful mementos.  The work conveys this with a gentle mix of love, sadness, understanding, humour and irony.

The medium of choice is linoleum plate – first drawn on paper and then carved to create strong characteristic marks of vitality and
movement that have an almost sculptural quality about them.

Katherine’s exhibition opens Friday 30th September 2011 @ 6.30pm

Canapes &   The Small Winemakers wines all add to a great night.