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Australian Landscapes – Works by David Lake, Eris Fleming & and Russell Foord

Different artists, different ages and widly different techniques
David Lake’s desire to paint the landscape came to the fore in the mid 1980’s and he remains as passionate in depicting the subject today as he did all those years ago.

“Developing your skills as an artist is very much a long term process and the more you paint the more you learn to see and appreciate the subtleties of the ever changing light and atmosphere that surrounds us. We are in fact surrounded by beauty that at the right time of day or year can literally sing with life.

I am very much a painter that paints for me, choosing subjects that I find inspiring, whether that might be an old farmhouse or a mullock heap shimming in the hot midday sun. Art enriches our lives and we are all the better for it.”

Work by David Lake

Eris Fleming’s works are a product of his strong feeling for the Australian landscape, his appreciation for for the beauty in the small, sometimes seemingly insignificant incidents and his abounding curiosity of eccentric personalities and their irregular behavious. There is also an indulgence in some perverse humour.

Work by Eris Fleming

Russell Foord is a gentleman who is in his 80’s who learnt his art from his travels and experiences with recognised australian landscape artists. he spent a lot of his time plein air pauinting and has achieved a wonderful light in his works.
A traditionalist with work that can be described as having photogrphic detail

Work by Russell Foord