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Works on paper by Diane Hamilton

The first of many innovative exhibitions  for 2012 opened at the gallery Friday 24th February @ 7pm

The printmaker Diane Hamilton brings the gallery to life with her works on paper.

Diane Hamilton is a young artist from Woolongong who has completed her studies in fine art and is finding a strong following with her art. Diane has recently had a very successful  exhibition in The Australian Gallery in Paddington and has also participated in a show show in Melbourne.

Diane has exhibited at Fairview ArtSpace as a student and it is exciting that she has agreed to bring her new work back to Mudgee. It is always a great opportunity in life to observe an artist’s evolution and appreciate their growth.

Artist Bio

This series has been an evolution of my marks from representation to abstraction. It became an investigation into material, process and the nature of the mark. Through the use of printmaking as a medium, I have discovered the possibilities of a spontaneous gesture by using sugarlift and etching. These materials enabled me to achieve very painterly results. Using the combination of colour roll and layering allows me to achieve multiple colours without having to permanently etch the plate. Multi – layering and a square format was crucial to gain a series of unique images. A la poupe – an inking method – was used to create mood and explore various ways in which I can ink up the same matrix with colour having a strong presence in my work.


Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton

Printmaker and art books designer