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Going Wild at Fairview ArtSpace

A great night for the local artists – at Fairview ArtSpace

Margot Stephens, Toni & Warwick (Wok) Behrens bring their work to the gallery.

It was exciting to see such strong support for their show. Sam Paine opened the show with praise for the work and some wonderful stories about the artists and their contribution to the cultural enrichment of our community.

A few images of the night and the work

Exhibition runs till 26th September so don’t miss your opportunity to invest in a quality artwork at very reasonable prices. Put it on lay bye if you need time and get ready for Christmas early.

A huge thanks to Lesley Byfirld Papworth for the sumptuous canapes and The Small Winemaker’s Cellar Door for undying support of the gallery and exhibiting artists.


ImageDSC_0120 opening night





“Wild” works by Margot Stephens, Warwick & Toni Behrens

 Wild opens tomorrow evening at Fairview ArtSpace @ 6pm – Wednesday 21st August

Wine sponsored by The Small Winemakers Cellar Door & Canapes by Lesley Byfield Papworth.  Sam Paine will open the exhibition.

Take the opportunity to share the evening and enjoy the experience of talking with the artists.


Breathe Margot Stephens
Ceramic figure

Stephens obtained a Bachelor in Visual Arts at City Art Institute (now C.O.F.A.) Where Marea Gazzard head of the Ceramics department was an inspiration.

Stephens went on to study the Maiolica technique in Italy and returned to Mudgee to establish a professional studio in1988.

 Working predominately in Gulgong’s Puggoon pink earthenware for ceramic sculptures Stephens has pursued an interest in colour with form utilizing a variety of glaze techniques, including under glaze, onglaze and precious metal lustres.

Her work has been exhibited with S.O.F.A. (Sculpture, Object and Functional Art) New York and Chicago, and Art London in the UK. 

  Stephens continues to work from her studio near Mudgee where her time is divided between building a light earth cottage with her husband from locally sourced materials, teaching Drawing and Sculpture through Mudgee Creative Collective, and sculpting on a commission basis.

 “Magical Realism,” is the style of the work she is currently exploring, as everyday events in isolation seem extraordinary and through a drawing or sculpture become allegorical compositions.


Antlers – Warwick Behrens
Graphite on paper

Warwick Behrens  

 After almost a decade of  hermitting away from fine illustration I was inspired to take up a pencil again at the beckoning of an inquiring ram skull. And from the moment I started and through to the end of the drawing I felt at home.

The wild and basic nature of a subject is what I seek to find. If I see it, I draw it.

The large format illustrated works have been drawn onto Stonehenge 250gsm archival paper using Generals 9XXB graphite pencil.


Hullo Spotty Dog – Toni Behrens

 Toni Behrens

        Welcome to ‘the wild’
Ashon & Coby slipped on their new beanies instantly transforming them into a wise
owl and an adventurous little bear. Together they went on a quest to find treasure
they crossed rivers they climbed mountains & fought dragons they built teepee’s
and made swords from the forest tree’s.
Today its a trip to the north pole & tomorrow we might be going on a bear hunt.
New discoveries are never far away! It is this spirit of adventure and connection to
‘the wild’ that has fueled this current body of work.
I enjoy working in watercolour for the freedom of the material and the loose lines I
can create and I love printmaking for the process and the often unpredictable results.
I will often experiment with an idea trying many different mediums till I find
the one that suits the subject matter of the body of work.
I draw from direct influences in my world about me; all that I see, feel and experience
finds its way into my art making. From memories of my childhood, growing up
in Mudgee through to patterns & design that occur in nature. I have always loved
good design. The artists I most admire are Brett Whitely, Russell Drysdale and
Shaun Tan, each having a unique way of recording the world around them.