“Lost Child in the Bush” a series of works by artist Filippa Buttitta

Opening night for this exciting and emotive series of work is Saturday 22nd February @ 7pm

Come along and meet Filippa and enjoy Lesley Byfield Papworth’s Canapes partnered with wines by the Small Winemakers Centre.

The exhibition runs through till Monday 31st march


The ‘Lost Child in the Bush’ series



Filippa Buttitta


The ‘Lost Child in the Bush’ is a durable and potent Australian image. In the mid-to-late 19th century, incidents of children lost in the bush received significant press coverage, and were the subject of artists’ renderings and fictionalised re-tellings in poems and stories. Portrayals of struggle, survival, danger and tragedy in the bush have become part of the Australian psyche and the ways the ‘Lost Child in the Bush’ has contributed to the shaping of Australian identity fascinates Buttitta most. An examination into its history as a powerful projection of our nations’ cultural representation has motivated Buttitta to ‘reinterpret’ the theme not only through the eyes of a mother but also as a contemporary female artist. 

This series of works explore the historical ‘Lost Child in the Bush’ theme in a contemporary context. Buttitta uses her own daughter as the figure of the lost child to re-interpret historic stories, works of art, literature and films about children becoming lost. The ideas behind these images have been fuelled by actual tragic stories of children being lost and explore ideas about being lost in the Mount Carcalgong, Hill End, Sofala and the Rylstone areas in NSW.

In contrast to the often far removed and distant depictions of children in painting as identified in the work of prominent historical male artists, Buttitta places the child in the foreground and projects a more intimate and confrontational approach to the lost child in the eyes of a female artist and mother – a pursuit that may have been attempted by historic female artists depicting their own children but may have been lost or excluded in the history of the theme’s documentation as a significant theme contributing to our nation’s cultural identity.

Look forward to seeing you at Fairview ArtSpace


Lost Child Sleeping by Filippa Buttitta

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