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Women of Substance

"Long way home" framed felt work by Helen Doble

Vertical Mudgee Cathrine Van Laeren

"Oro" sculpture by Margot Stephens

amethyst ring by Gabrielle Leonard

"Rainbow Serpent" Aleshia Lonsdale

A group of 5 female artists from Mudgee have joined to present an incredibly interesting and exciting exhibition.

It is essential to showcase local artists during the September wine festival and the girls excelled

Helen Doble – felter, Margot Stephens – Sculptor, Catherine Van Laeren – painter, Aleshia Lonsdale – indiginous artist & Gabrielle Leonard – silversmith.

Opening night was quite a party and the exhibition over the period has attracted great interest.

The female component was extended by adding a clothing and accessories store into the side room.

The Mortimer st girls, Lesley Byfield-Papworth & Helen Orth have added quite an exciting option for the site and the buzz in the room is audible.

Though the exhibition closes 27th September the clothing will stay till end of the long weekend after UpMarket.

Dont miss the opportunity.

Mortimer St Girls Clothing, accessories & fabulous jewellery